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About me


Verónica Terriente 

Art-based and Movement Facilitator

 applied to individuals & communities

I facilitate creative and movement experiences for people since almost a decade.

As a former educator, I found my path leading me closer to work with creativity as a human resource of well being and connection with ourselves and others. My work experience, mostly with children, has shown me the importance of expressing our inner world, as well as how keeping spontaneity and creativity in our daily lives, helps us to be more present, like children are.

As an enthusiast of personal growth, I have found that there is an inner wisdom willing to be heard and that we can give it the chance to express by making art and allow our unique expression flourish and guide us.


As a person who enjoys working with people, I have witnessed, while facilitating to children and adults -or their inner child-, how creative expression brings us the opportunity to live more joyful and enjoy the ride painting, playing, dancing or whichever art form connects us to our true selves and the world we live in.


Photo: Lou Romera