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Children sessions

Individual Sessions to develop

emotional habits of self-knowledge, resilience & communications skills.


~ Overcome school learning difficulties by releasing the emotional stress

~ Identify emotions & positive ways to express them as a healthy way of growing up

~ Find inner resources of emotional self care & keep them as inner habits for adulthood

~ Improve relationship & communication with itself & others

~ Self Awareness & Self Motivation


The child is the active individual on its own process. The art-making & movement are the tools through which the experience happens. This experience brings the child the opportunity to discover its own feelings & resources.

The use of imagination & creativity will amplify the range of possibilities in solution making, giving them the chance to be aware of their inner strengths and skills. This process will help them to crystallize all these discoveries as habits for adulthood.



45-50m: 30€

PLEASE NOTE: A previous phone interview is needed for children's sessions, which will be charged as a consultation (see fee below).


Consulting for parents & educators looking for specific counseling on how to work their children's or students' emotional management and improve communication through artistic expression.


Around 45 minutes

Whatsapp & Phone calls


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