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Information for participants
Please read this information for your own and the others' interest


This is a space for self-expression through arts, where art is used as a tool. There is no interpretation of the work or the things that are expressed. It is a safe container held by the facilitator and the group for your own discovery and process of transformation.


This is not therapy work, even though it can feel therapeutic because of the inner exploration. The role of the facilitator is to guide you through the process and offer a safe environment of self-expression. Yet, you decide how deep you go in the work, with your own responsibility of holding yourself.


It is compulsory not to judge, criticize or interpret anyone's work. We strongly ask participants, neither doing it with their own work nor to themselves.


It is your responsability to inform the facilitator about any medical condition that might influence the work, either mental or physical (for movement workshops).


You have no right to take any pictures and/or record any part or the whole session. This is a privat space. Any publishing or sharing of the privacy will be reported.


Once you've registered you will receive an email with the confirmation, materials needed, link to the platform, and the payment details (bank account for transfer or Paypal). Please, we ask you to pay the latest, 24 hours before the workshop. In case you learn about the workshop the same day and want to participate, send us an email. 


If you can't attend the workshop, please, let us know at least 24 hours in advance, for full reimbursement. Any cancelation after the 24 hours (except for extraordinary circumstances) or not attendance without preventing us, will result in not reimbursement but the exchange of the attendance to another workshop.


By agreeing to these terms, you understand that your email address won't be given to anyone else. It will be used to confirm your registration and inform you about the workshop details. Furthermore, as we would love to inform you about future events, we will add you automatically to our contact list. If you don't want this to happen let us know or just unsubscribe from the first email. Thank you! 

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