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It is a tool that uses different forms of Art in the same session: visual, writing, theater, movement & music focuses on the expression and the art-making process, NOT the result.

It helps to identify possible difficulties in emotional management and our inner resources to overcome them and to discover unconscious patterns or believes which can be blocking us in our daily lives and how to transform them from our own resourceful way.

This is, then, a practical tool for self-exploration and how to bring our inner resources in our everyday lives.

WHAT is this for?

~ Relief Stress

~ Make decisions

~ Boost our Creativity & Intuition

~ Emotional Management

~ Improve relationships with

 ourselves & others

~ Build Community senses

~ Identify old patterns, beliefs and blockages & find inner resources to overcome and transform them

HOW it works? 


Clients are the active explorers and investigators of themselves. They are guided by the facilitator through a secure framed Art Expression Experience where Awareness & Transformation can take place. 

This process of growth may involve steps of:

1. Identification

2. Encounter with the challenge

3. Awareness of inner resources

4. Possible application in daily life situations

WHY Arts?

~ They offer different languages to Express ourselves & act as a mirror for better understanding.


~ Artistic activities are experience-based learning processes, where the discovery & growth occurs "by doing".

~Art making fosters Imagination & Creativity helping us to find  new ways to take action & respond to life challenges.

~ Art & Movement Expression   connect us to our sense of   community and belonging.


We use arts and movement as a tool, you do NOT need any artistic experience or know how to draw, paint, write or move expressively.

Just a willingness for discovery through art expression.

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