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Expressive Arts guidebooks to work by yourself at home in your own rhythm

Due to actual circumstances, I offer these guides for free with the aim to provide a tool for emotional support and self care for children and adults.





Arts for


A guidebook

for parents

Stress relief

and self care



Arts for


A self guided  


Guide for emotional management for children

A guide with resources for parents to be able to facilitate their children on emotional management and self care through art making and play at home.


What is this guide for?

- Foster self knowledge in children and find their inner resources to manege their emotions.

- Improve communications with others.


What will you find in it?

- Introductory  guidelines to keep in mind for specific facilitation on Expressive arts applied to children and their emotional care.

- 12 artistic and game activities: for children, for the family and extraordinary ones.

- Guided questions to foster expression and self reflection after each activity.

Guide for stress relief and self care for adults

A guide for adults willing to relief stress and take care of themselves through art making. 

What is this guide for?

- Better understanding of our emotional state to be able to take care of ourselves.

- Find inner resources to overcome stress and achieve emotional balance.

What will you find in it?

- Introductory guidelines to keep in mind how to facilitate yourself through the artistic process.

- Art making proposals to deal with the stress this situation might be causing you.

- Guided questions for self reflection after the art making. 

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